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Two part question: What kind of leather care can someone do at home to maintain the condition of leather items, and HOW? The reason I ask- I have a cropped jacket and a pair of flats that I want to keep in good shape, but I want to know how to condition them, how often, how to prevent discoloring, how to dry them off when they get wet, etc.
Do have any leather repair shops/ businesses that you recommend? By word of mouth or experience (if experience, what was the repair)? The reason I ask- I have a thrifted black leather jacket that has floral accents made of sewn sequins and beading. Some of the sequins have come off, and I would like to replace them. I’d like gather options of where to get this done, as it’s beyond my skill level.

posted almost 6 years ago
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Cleaning and conditioning are definitely important and will keep your flats and jacket looking nice. Right now, I’ve been using Coach cleaner and conditioner (I got them cheap at the outlet store), but there are a lot of good products out there that are cheaper. I would go to a shoe store or Nordstrom and ask what they recommend. Products for jackets may be different the ones used for shoes. Make sure to bring the shoes in with you, because different types of leather require different cleaners.

As for discoloration and water damage, try not to wear the shoes when it’s pouring. Usually water stains in leather eventually disappear, but it can take a while. If the shoes or coat get completely soaked, like where even the inside feels wet, don’t wear them until they’re completely dry to prevent them from getting misshapen. Also, if they’re wet, don’t put them in your closet as there isn’t enough airflow and they may get musty from being wet too long. Your best bet is to put them out in the open in a warm (65-75 F) room and just be patient!

As for repairs, I would look on Yelp. I think a seamstress would do a fine job replacing sequins and beading. I’m from Seattle, so if you are too, I may be able to make some recommendations :)

posted almost 6 years ago

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