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This is a long story, but I’m going to make it as short as possible, I promise. This guy and I were best friends since last year of junior year when I first met him. We had so much in common and we really hit it off. I realized that he had feeling for me but I didn’t answer it on time (my mistake). So he is dating my best friend that is a girl. We went through so much, with him still having feelings for me and him making passes at me, in which his girl friend found out (she was a little pissed). Of course they made amends and are still together, but it left me wondering why (btw, I am in no way, shape, or form a home wrecker. I don’t do that type of stuff no how).Anyway, after an entire summer of silence we got back talking to each other beginning of senior year and became closer as best friends. It wasn’t until soccer season that I began noticing some changes in him. I noticed that he can be very arrogant even though he swears up and down that he’s not. When my best friend(his girl friend) starting having problems with him, (which she has always had) she would confide in me. My guy friend was not pleased. He felt as if I was meddling into his relationship and felt that I needed to mind my own business (what she told me). That just let’s me know that he talks about me behind my back. In actuality. he can be a bit of an immature jackass and a little inconsiderate, not to mention hypocritical. When you want to tell him what he’s doing wrong or how certain words or actions offend you he’ll think you’re against him and ignore you instead of trying to talk it out like a “real man” would. Since then he’s been ignoring me. As for me, I cut him off a long time ago. To me, if a person isn’t willing talk things out like a real “friend” should, then there’s no point in trying. My question is, did I do the right thing but cutting him completely off? Idk,…part of me feels like I’m glad I don’t talk to him anymore, and another side feels like I have lost a friend. please help…

posted over 4 years ago
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Yeah, I think you did. There’s no point in wasting your time with someone who’s unwilling to work on fixing things in a reasonable, upfront way. I’m assuming you’re a senior in high school and let me tell you, guys his age are the worst! You’ve probably heard this, but guys mature waaay slower than girls and so he really won’t stop “growing up” for a couple more years. This mostly was just a tricky situation, a love triangle really, and I think you’re just seeing his true colors. If he apologizes or seems like he genuinely wants to work things out, maybe give him a second chance, but don’t feel like you have to.

posted over 4 years ago

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