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So I’ve just experienced the worst airline experience ever, and I want to see if anyone can top it.

I arrived at JFK airport about 55 minutes before the departure time (I know since I was checking the time on the subway), and the rule for check in time was 45 minutes without baggage, which I did not have any. The machine told me to go to a ticketing agent to get checked in, so I did. I went up to agent Avaola, who refused to let me check in because she was convinced that the cut off time was 60 minutes. She told me that it was too late and the earliest time that I could get back (to orange county) would be 2 days later with a $600 upgrade to first class (my gf was with me, so it would be $1200 altogether).

Obviously that was ridiculous, so I called my Travelocity agent to change my flight. I had to change to United airlines the following day for a total charge of $540 + hotel $114.

So then I called my brother who works at American Airline, who told me that Delta’s cut off time was actually 45 minutes and that I should get a manager about this. By this time, Avaola had disappeared (literally, nobody knew where she was, not even the manager), so I had to ask agent Rose J. She told me that it was against Delta policy to tell me who the manager is or anybody in charge. I asked a security guard to show me.

So I got to the manager and told her what happened, the plane had already left by this point. She refused to talk to me and said “look at the signs” repeatedly. So I told her that Delta’s policy was 45 minutes. She then admits that I’m right, and told me too bad because the plane is already gone so I’d have to buy another ride. I said that she needs to take some responsibility for this misinformation, which got her attention. So she told me to wait while she helped out another customer. After she helped him out, she speed walked into the security check point, where I was not allowed to go. I waited for another 15 to 20 minutes, she did not come out. The security told me that I could not loiter around and asked if I was lost, so then I left.

I filed a complaint to Delta. Their customer service said that they were sorry, but the cutoff time is 60 minutes. But I just checked, and it says 45 on She said that my reservations would be refunded and I would get some sort of credit for this experience. I just got the credit: $50 to share between both me and my gf for Delta flights only. That’s not even enough to cover the tax for the flight. And the credit expires in a year.

So I was charged extra for $654 for the flight change with travelocity, and I got $50 which I can’t even use. Seriously, **** Delta airlines.

Got worse?

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My worst travel experience was also with Delta— and also involved American Airlines. It was less expensive than your issue, but it was supremely inconvenient and I’m still plenty pissed about it.

I was flying with Delta back to college after winter break my sophomore year, three days after I got my wisdom teeth out. I was heavily drugged on the oxycontin my doctor prescribed to me, but we weren’t worried about it because I’d done the trip several times before: an hour hop to Cincinnati, a two-hour layover, and another hour to St. Louis. I’d be back in my dorm by dinner.

However, once I got to Cincinnati, I noticed my St. Louis connection was delayed. I travel a lot and delays aren’t a huge deal when you don’t have any more connections, so I just chilled. However, they delayed it again, and again— and they never announced this at the gate, mind you, just let us figure it out from the TV screens. And then I went to the bathroom, came back, and found the flight had disappeared off the screen altogether— and there was only one flight left going to St. Louis that day.

I got in line like everyone else to wait for an alternate ticket. The last seats on the later St. Louis flight were gone in an instant, and so the rest of us were offered the most circuitous route to St. Louis ever: Fly us on an American Airlines flight all the way out to NEWARK, NEW JERSEY and then back to St. Louis from there. (Because that makes tons of sense, right?).

However, because I had been in the bathroom I was so far back in line that even THOSE tickets had run out. They were going to put me on standby and were starting to explain about hotels in the area in case I needed to wait until morning, but in my drugged state I could barely comprehend them and just burst into tears. While my parents would spot me the hotel costs I was scared to stay by myself when I was still in immense pain and taking frankly dangerous drugs. And I couldn’t even eat solid food!

The only good part of the day was when the guy who had just taken the last ticket saw me, turned around, and surrendered the ticket to me, saying that I wasn’t in any sort of physical state to be stuck here overnight. (Karma worked out for him, though, because despite being put on standby he ended up being able to fly, too).

So I flew to New Jersey. And back to St. Louis. Instead of getting in at 4:00 pm, I got in just before midnight. The subway had stopped running and so I had to pay for a cab to get to my dorm— and I ended up having to call a friend to come out and meet me with their wallet to spot me some cash since I didn’t have enough on me and didn’t have a credit card.

Oh, and of course my luggage didn’t make it. My luggage was well-tagged and at the airport I filled out a special claim form describing it and giving my local address, since Delta and American both have policies about returning late luggage to your doorstep for free. Normally that occurs within 24 hours, so when after two or three days it still hadn’t shown up I started to panic. I called both airlines, and neither of them wanted to take responsibility for it; Delta told me that since my bags ultimately arrived in St. Louis via American Airlines I should take it up with them, but American Airlines said that it was Delta’s responsibility to deliver the luggage since my ticket had been through them. I gave them a few more days and finally just got a friend to drive me to the airport, walked in, looked into the American Airlines lost luggage room, took my bag and, with a final departing word about the idiocy of their system ("If it’s Delta’s responsibility to get it to me, why don’t you get it to them???), finally brought my stuff home.

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oh man, those are both terrible stories! and i absolutely hate how airlines never want to take responsibility for luggage getting lost. i have never had to deal with that before but sometimes i feel it might be safer to mail or fedex my stuff to home or where ever, heh.

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