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Hey chictopians,

I’m brand-spankin’ new here, and I’m lovin’ it.

How I met chictopia: I was reading the Forever 21 magazine, and this site was one of many fashion hot spots on the net. As I’m attempting to fire up a life & style magazine “for the people, by the people”, I was intrigued. I looked, lurked, and said “yeah, maybe one of these days I’ll put some of my photos and such on here…someday.” And then in February, F21 announced the Forever Sweetheart contest. :D Let’s just say I’m a little bit more motivated to do this now rather than later. The possibility of $300 in F21 bucks is enough to get me out & about…since the $$$ I get usually goes straight to the gas tank.

I am an editor, after all: But the mag (doesn’t have an official title yet but it will come springtime.) is probably what will keep me here. Why? Well, even editors like myself have questions. And I would like to hear what the stylish people in this world think about every in and out of fashion…well, except for celeb stuff. (there is a glut of those mags already…why bother making one more?)

Oh boy, more about the magazine: My mag’s readers have as much of a voice as its editors and writers. In fact, readers can become staff writers and editors and photographers, etc. Well, after the 1st mag launches. If you think you’re interested in helping me out, just email me with your interests, the job(s) you want to “apply” for, and a writing sample (or photo/art portfolio or whatever makes sense.)

I need a tour guide: I am thrilled to hear what nooks and crannies of chictopia you think I should explore. I don’t have any photos up yet, but i’ll work to rectify that this week. Until then, I guess I’ll be a mystery…unless you have any burning questions about me. I can answer most of them. ;)

- the_ed

posted almost 8 years ago

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