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Hi everyone. My name is Lee Gerstmann. My main interest throughout my life is more about how women look good in clothes… I used to buy fashion magazines for the nice looking ads and I used to make mental notes when I was in high school and thought about how I figured was dressed well, in my opinion. However, I figured that fair is fair and, if I was to enjoy how others looked in clothes, I might as well share some pictures of me when I dressed the part (whatever part I was dressing for).
I am here to both give my opinions on what I think is fashionable and to look at others who are dressed attractively. I think of fashion more in a poetic/creative way and think less about brand names than about how a garment can be worn…
I am also thinking of starting a community called The Tuck-A-Thon which would be dedicated to shirts and/or other tops worn tucked in… I do not know if such a community exists but I’m willing to start it just for the heck of it. If anyone would be interested in such a thing, you can let me know. Anyone and everyone would be welcome to join.
I’m not sure how often I’ll post here because of time constraints but I’ve posted some pictures of myself already… Yes, I am in my forties but I still feel young and have never been married so I’m hoping to pretend I’m younger, haha.
Being in a fashion community is like a new adventure for me but I’m willing to try the journey. :)

posted almost 10 years ago

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