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I finally have a second to say whass sup to you all.
Name: Winter, real name, blah blah blah and yes I was born in the winter, yes my parents were hippies but ironically very conservative now and no, my brothers’ names are not summer.
I have been a fashion obessed girl since I was born and me and my best friend used to force our parents to drive 3 hours to Benetton when we were 5. I still remember crying my eyes out in 1st grade when I casually mentioned to a classmate that I would be wearing a sweater dress for picture day and lo and behold she showed up in the same dress on the day. terror.
needless to say I always wanted to work in fashion and did the magazine intern-ing thing when I was an undergrad in NYC until after 9/11 when two editors got into a screaming match about the right shade of purple. Fashion, is fun. not life or death
And so I applied to and was accepted to law school where I am now finishing my 3rd year, thank God. Unfortunately my Boston law school classmates rarely get excited about my new acquisitions. And, whereas they get their frustrations out at a local bar filled with khaki wearing burnt out financiers, I rid my frustrations through thrifting, recreating designer looks and lately—trying to recreate the perfect Balmain pants
Along the way I have lived in Seoul and consider it more of my home and where I think I will live after graduation to focus on making enough money to ditch the law career and work on a business I have started last year with my best friend ( Own business=no business suits=happy me.
The most interesting thing about me is that while living in Seoul I was on a tv show that while quite humiliating in being forced to wear hideous clothing, was the #1 show for monday nights and allows me the funny opportunity to get into clubs for free, sign some autographs and get free mandoo service every time I am back in the city.
Love being inspired by each and every one of you!

posted over 9 years ago
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Hey Winter!! =) I think your name is really cool. ANd haha I am sure u get asked questions bout ur parents and brothers all the time :P
I liked ur introduction a lot! I work in Insurance Brokerage which is also in the financial district so I don’t really have anyone to share joys over new items with or talk with bout fashion . It’s a drag!!
I checked out ur website and it’s really a smart idea! Is it running well so far?
Best of luck with everything and nice meeting u here! :)

posted over 9 years ago
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hey :) i’m a college student in boston. khaki burnout is depressing. as is the massive amount of jcrew…
where do you guys thrift? i’ve just been going out to the resale stores on newbury + davis sq. is there anything else?

posted over 9 years ago

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