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Hey everyone! I’m obviously new here to Chictopia and I’m so excited to have stumbled across this site. Lately I’ve become a little fashion obsessed and have been stalking online stores like crazy trying to get ideas and maybe score a few items. I’m a member of The Purse Forum and I think that that probably started my online fashion and style frenzy. Anywho, I’m hoping to get a lot of ideas and inspiration from everyone on here, because I’m starting to realize how important it is to develop a personal style.

I’m a senior in high school, living in a small-ish town in Texas, so I don’t have that many shopping options at the moment. I have to wait for shopping trips to the bigger cities to stock up on clothes and other things, and it’s certainly been a while since I’ve been! I want to reinvent my style somewhat- to become more sophisticated and defined. It’s too easy to just throw on some jeans and a Michael Stars tee for girls my age and call it style, but I’m just so not into that anymore. I’m trying to perfect the art of layering and of buying pieces that are versatile. I’m really into belts, cardigans, leggings, shifts, boots, scarves, skinny jeans, flannel, silk, high waisted skirts… (I could go on) right now. I’m learning a lot of things, like not everything has to be designer or have a label and that it’s okay to buy things second-hand and to fuss around with them to make it your own. I can’t sew, but luckily my mother is a pretty good seamstress and can help me alter a few thrifty things that I’ve bought. I’ll try to post some pictures of my outfits- but don’t expect much! I’m here mostly just to look around, make comments, and make friends.

Oops- looks like I’ve written a whole book! Sorry! Anyways, friend me and we can chat anytime! I promise to be loyal and supportive at all times!

posted over 8 years ago
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Rawr. Im in Texas too. lol.
Your bestfriends will be blogs and online shopping.

Getting inspiration and seeing how people embrace their own style.
And shopping online is so fun, especially if you dont stay in a well rounded area that has all kinds of places to shop!


posted over 8 years ago

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