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My family keeps telling me that I need help with my style. The only thing I know about fashion is from the 80’s and I did not have good fashion sense even then. I am now in my thirties, but still look in my late twenties and I like to look classy and innocently sexy. I am slightly overweight and trying desperately to lose weight! I am in denial about my weight, so shopping is a horrible task. I am 5 foot 2 and 155 lbs, but I carry it well. My main stresses in shopping are my extremely short waist, my wide hips and bubble butt, my chunky arms, and my midsection fluff. I have found that if I get pants that come right “to the waist,” I don’t get the midsection buldge and I look quite shapely, but these are hard to find! Most pants are low rise or old lady high rise. I have a nice chest, not too big, not too little, that I like to accent, with umpire waist shirts that smoothly come in at the waist and flow over the hips. However, because of my short waist, they always bunch at my waist. If I get a large, it is too big in the shoulders and chest and if I get a medium, it is too tight at the hips. Also, almost all umpire waist shirts are stretchy material, so they cling in places I don’t want them to cling and they always ride up above my butt! Where should I shop? What styles should I look for? Please help!!! I want a nice outfit for auditions. I have $100.00 to spend. I already have nice pumps… just need pants/skirt and blouse.

posted almost 9 years ago

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