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Hey, I joined a while ago but only started using Chictopia till now. This is a fabulous community so far and I’m excited to getting to know some of you :D. I’m still fighting of some general navigation confusion which I’m sure will wear off but I am having an issue which I find strange: when I try to get back to a spelling error in a comment my whole comment gets highlighted and I can only go back to the beginning of my comment. Since I appreciate nice spelling this has been bugging me… Is it just me or has it happened to you too?

Anyway, I’m Eline, 21 years old and love experimenting with clothes. Sometimes I fail, sometimes things are okay but what matters to me is the amount of fun I have with clothes, not the result. And what I love about the internet now is that I can share that enthusiasm :). As a lot of you (probably) I also have a fashion blog : A Fluffy Blog.

I’m rambling, I should end it here :D

posted about 8 years ago
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Hey Eline,

Yes, the highlighting thing happens to me too…Idk why it does that?! It bugs me too, I also am precise about spelling.
Clothes are probably my #1 way of expressing myself, and I really haven’t found my style yet! But thats what we’re here for right?! Being adventurous leads to creativity.
Welcome (back) to Chictopia! :))

:) Jasmine

posted about 8 years ago

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