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Haiii Chic people…

Actually, I almost a year for being members in Chictopia, and honestly I just read about this “Forums” right now…..^^ to late haaaa…

I just wanna share what I love of being a member in Chictopia.
1. The first think is …I meet you guys…all of you are a very nice stylish people, i love to check out your blogs and you know what..sometimes i need several minutes just to take a look what your details look and gave a comment…. I’m so exited in every outfit, in every look that you posted.

2. I meet so many lovely persons here, they all always gives a very nice, lovely, cute and sweet comments to each other. I don’t know, in my real life, sometimes (mmm…. most of all), I usually meet people who just make a negative comments to other’s looks which may be its just not his/her fav. style. But hey….. everybody have their own style right???and I think we have to appriciate and respect what people loves.

3. I’m not from fashion industry, I’m an accountant…I’m an auditor, ^^ very serious professional life that I’m doing right now. I’m surrounded by serious people that not so in to fashion, so here in Chictopia, I’m so happy that makes me feel I found my other world beside my auditor’s life….

4. Chictopia keeping me update with all new fashion matters.

5. Chictopia full of inspiring people ….

Ok thats it for now, because I have so many reason why I love Chictopia ^^

I hope you guys love my blog posted…lovestheday…

see ya…

posted over 7 years ago

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