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x…Hi lovelies…x

I joined Chictopia about 2 weeks ago but i’ve only just really started my very own ChicBlog. Which i’m loving! My very 1st post was done with an inexpensive digi cam but the latest was with my new SLR, which i’m still learning to use. Any tips from you guys on here on what makes a good photo for our ChicBloggings?

A little bit about ME…

*I heart Tea. I’ve had it everyday for as long as i can remember! I can’t stand it milky, it has to be of the strong variety such as Typhoo or Twinnings Everyday teabags, with no sugars thanks :)

*It is my dream to own a Chanel bag before i turn 30… Please God! Let me win the lottery!

  • I really can shop ‘till i drop. If i’m super happy, i’ll usually celebrate by going shopping with friends/partner. If im uber angry, i’ll hit the retail therapy for a boost. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of bagging a bargain. I feel even more sadface though if i can’t find anything to buy, grr. Either way, i love shopping. But it doesn’t love my poor purse. Must. Do. Overtime.

*I’m an outdoorsy kinda gal. I don’t like being cooped up too long, preferring a nice walk in the woods or somewhere scenic. I love cute picnics in the great outdoors! Jam sandwhiches FTW! It makes me feel so peaceful and content. This is why a lot of my Chictopia pics are outdoors.

posted about 8 years ago
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Welcome to Chictopia!
Oh wow, you’re soo interesting :)

How old are you?

posted about 8 years ago
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I agree with you on the tea. I’ve never even had milk tea and I especially don’t like it with sugar.
You sound so wonderfully interesting. :)
Anyways, about taking good photos.
I am not an expert by any means but when it comes to doing anything, just mimic what you see on television or in magazines.
Your pictures are fine and I like the settings that you place yourself in; it’s just that they may be overpowering the shot.
When taking a picture you want to be the subject of the shot, so try not to get anything that is too distracting, such as colorful wild life or larger objects.
Focus on yourself and be sure that you take up at least 5/8 of the photo unless it is your intention to seem small. If you are indoors, try to use a solid background and plenty of natural lighting is always good too. Those are just a few tips that I can give.

posted about 8 years ago

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