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So I got to Chictopia through a link on whatiworetoday2, on livejournal, and I loooove it already. I hope to basically get feedback as I try out some more adventurous looks. I am basically really lazy about clothes. Way too many graphic tees and jeans. But I do love clothes and I think I have good taste, so when I start college in Atlanta next month I want to also reinvent my style. I’m only bringing about 3 tshirts, for hanging out in the dorm and sleeping, and I’m only bringing the jeans that actually fit and look attractive. My hope is that lack of availability of lazy choices will force me to be creative and put together some nicer outfits.
I’ll post my “back to school” outfit soon, I already have it picked (for orientation day 1). It’s basically a black dress from the Gap, a creme and tan cardigan from Old Navy, and green canvas flats with bows. Jewelry will be a heart necklace (Silver) and peace sign earrings (yellow and silver).
Things I love and look good in include:
Black dresses
The color green
and more recently, the color red. Still uncertain on how to wear it though.
I think I’d qualify for the geek style category, not only for the ubiquitous black glasses but because my style icon would be the idealized librarian. (And not even the sexy version).
And my mom swears I look good in cropped jackets and boxier styles but I don’t like them. I also hate heels higher than two inches (can’t walk!) and pointy-toed shoes, and I don’t wear leather or wool cos I’m a vegan.
If anyone has any recommendations for me (stores in Atlanta/Decatur, ideas for putting outfits together…) that would be lovely. Also tips for self-timer? I don’t have a tripod!

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I live in Atlanta and we have great thrift stores. Try Rag-o-rama and Clothing Warehouse in Little Five Points. There are lots of other boutiques in that area as well. Rag-o-rama also has semi-annual $1 sales and I always rack up.

posted almost 10 years ago
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heyy welcome to atlanta! i agree about rag-o-rama, i’m obsessed.
decatur has some cute stores, but i don’t shop there much. lucky magazine lists stores in certain areas, and they cover atlanta, so i’m pretty sure on their website they’d have listings of boutiques and stuff in the area.

posted almost 10 years ago

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