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Hi, I’m in my mid 20s, and live in a small suburban city between LA & San Diego.
I grew up in this small area and have always been the odd one out with my style. I’m not oh-so unique, but I don’t even quite fit in with the hipster, indie types, and I can shop at the mall and still not fit any type. I can pretty much shop anywhere and still come out looking like me, and I see that as a really good thing. Other people seem to react positively too.
I’m a graphic designer and work for a small local business, meaning I get to wear pretty much whatever I want to work everyday, but I try and keep it reasonable. My own work dress code is this: no bikinis, no shorts, no mini skirts. Seems reasonable to me :). And of course rules are made to be broken :).
I also go to church regularly, and I believe in dressing up for church (none of that jeans & t-shirts to church business – yuck), so I will probably also post some of my more interesting church-going outfits, ahaha :D
Nice to meet any of you who read this :). And one simple question: do you usually take photos of yourselves or have someone photograph you? Since I live alone, I’m thinking self taken photos would be easiest….

posted over 9 years ago
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Hi! I’m new too. To answer you question about the pictures, I have not seen any qualifying pictures that were self taken… that is, no pictures taken from the bathroom mirror with a cell phone in hand. I think that if you take them yourself you might want to try playing with setting your camera on something high and timing it. Ummm… you could do it the other way though, but I mean I just havent seen any yet, but then again, what do I know?
I like to dress up for church too. I go with my family. My dad always wears a suit, and my mom likes to play with dresses and skirt suits and such. Personally, I’ll wear anything that strikes my fancy, but it must be neat and appropriate. Its nice to meet you.

posted over 9 years ago

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