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Hello Chictopians, I am Kassandra Cordero and I’m new here on Chictopia (well fairly, I joined perhaps 2 weeks ago)
For starters, I’m from SoCal, LA County, stationed a few miles south west Los Angless. I am 16 years old and will be 17 in about 2 months, give or take. Living in my city really doesn’t get me open to a variety of fashion, the most sought over item in my area would def. be Juicy Couture and/or Ed Hardy or the common ‘chola’ ensemble i.e. not what I am aiming for. I try my best to not dress in my zip code area via Online shopping, looking into a few thrift stores now and then, or simply visiting neighboring cities. I do not have a definite style but I do sometimes try not (or not!) to not fit my appropriate age barrier. The best thing in my mind is a mixture of high end/low end will never hurt:P
I don’t find myself to be too loud when it comes to my clothing as I already let my voice speak for itself. I used to have some interest in music, until I decided to quit band sophmore year because it seemed to disrupt me from future interests and a black hole of endless meddlesome problems and heartache! So for interests, other than fashion of course, would be graphic design with a little bit of photography, and almost anything art related. Academically, I’m not the smartest of the bunch but my classes sure make it seem like I am, to some extent. There’s nothing more than my hatred for high school and just the general student body. Personally, I live for free time where I find I’m more at peace and the most laziest! Fa sho
I have a personal blog & a flickr account :D

posted over 9 years ago

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