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Hey I’m xtremely new, I’m bianca =D. At the moment I’m literally buried in trousers I’m tryin to find this wide-legged black pair I had so I could wear them on Tuesday but anyvays…
-I’m 14 years young and only my mom knows how retarded I get when I have the time to eat and drink fashion. I want to be a designer and that’s something I’m definitely sure of. I’m obssessed with fashion like I am music, only fashion’s waaay up there. I LOVE CLOTHES and if I could go shopping every weekend, (and if I could drive and have a car)dude….I’d do it.
-I came across Chictopia (well the Everybody Is Ugly blog) while on (which is the BOSS, I’m all about her blog I love Karla Deras) and since the Everybody Is Ugly blog made me smile I decided to sign up. But I’m pretty much confused about everything on here lol.
- I live in a boring-as-hell Kansas town, its not too small, not too big, and Micheal Vick is rotting away in our penetintary (is that how you spell it?). Can you guess? Probably not. Well I hate it here. I aspire to go to college in New York- FIT to be exact- and live there for how many years I want because I love New York so much besides the fact I’ve never ever been there. But I dream ok?
- I’m inspired and fascinated by anything and everything. One time I even designed a dress inspired by the fabric and print of booth me and my dad were sitting in at a Chinese restaurant….yeah :). It was this red snakeskin leather with big gold vintage buttons sewn in and I’m not gonna lie- I wanted to be friends with it.

My wrist aches from the watch I’m wearing and typing a whole lot so…that’s Bianca I guess (cue my cheesy smile). Can you blog on here?…….

posted over 9 years ago
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Hello :)
You can blog on here, it’s a great little community. Welcome.

posted over 9 years ago
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Welcome to Chictopia! You can most definitely blog here. :)

posted over 9 years ago

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