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Like you, I love fashion. Like you, I love fabric and design. Like you, I crave to be inspired by killer frocks and stylish silouhettes. But, the fast-food-fashion that has taken over is eroding the essence of what we all love. Beauty and style.
Serving up a slab of drain pipe jeans with a greasy side order of ill fitting oversized screen print t-shirts are the disgusting wannabe labels. Let’s face it, we know who the main offenders are, don’t we? BUT! Fast-food-fashion must have their fast-food-models! Is anybody else a little tired of the usual suspects? Jen, Ang, Jen (Lopez that is), Katie…who in the hell would ever have guessed that one day ‘Joey’ would be giving style tutorials on fashion? Honestly, the days of the copycat drainpipe jeans and mussed hair look should be well and truly numbered. Bring back the construction of a beautiful blouse or the trailblazing trouser. Where’s the individuality when the look that tries so hard to be different has become so uniform?
The style and creativity needs a full throttle slick chic shot in the arm. YAWN to you if you skulk around in skinny jeans. SNORT to you if you love the t-shirt dress with a chunky belt.
Cheers to you for your independence. Kudos to you for your confidence. Create style.
Girl in the garage.
Over & out.

posted over 9 years ago
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I agree overall, although we have to accept that we’ll always have the “copycat” looks that we see now and “fast food fashion”. It’s always been that way. That’s what trends are all about and the masses will follow that wave. That’s what helps drives the economy, in fact. There are those who have more creativity with fashion such as those who are on this site and it’s a wonderful one. I say, those who are so inclined can do their part to make the world a little more interesting fashion wise and be admired by those who may not have that particular “knack” or don’t care to develop it. I think we’ve all been victim of fast food fashion and influenced by Jan, Ang or the like at some point in our lives, particularly middle and high school, maybe beyond. It maybe served as a jumping point to the more creative and individual ways of styling ourselves today. One of my sisters could care less about fashion and when she’s forced to, will resort to a fast food look. I used to tease her. She’s told me that not everyone cares to be as focused as I am about fashion and that there are people who have other passions in this world. So I moved on because she was right.

posted over 9 years ago

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