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So my scale is broken and I cant afford a new one right now, and I’m wondering how much weight it looks like I have gained? This is me before (like maybe 6 weeks ago?)

So as you can see, the jeans were fairly roomy and my stomach was pretty thin. Now, in the same jeans, I look like this..

I am 5’7 so it takes a decent amount of weight gain to show up on me since I’m kind of tall. But I am just wondering, is the gain that noticeable? And how much weight does it look like I have gained? I was around 120 in the "before"s. Does it even look bad, or is it not noticeable, or..? Please help, I’m feeling kind of awkward about it and am too embarrassed to ask anyone face to face. So please share your honest, even if its harsh or mean or whatever, opinions!
Thank you so so much I really appreciate the help!

posted almost 6 years ago
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my dear, you look perfectly and it is normal, any woman gains weight at pregnancy and all the same it is necessary to buy new things, you shouldn’t be upset, and should think only of the good. on the average you should gain 10 kgs. I gathered during the pregnancy of 16 kgs and after the delivery threw off at once 10, it is weight of the child etc.
I suspect the size you recovered, as jeans are still clasped. HEALTH to YOU AND YOUR KID

posted over 5 years ago

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