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Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone recommends a shampoo, conditioner or other hair products that are good for greasy hair. I cannot go a day with out washing my hair because it gets all oily and I feel dirty, but I also know that you’re not supposed to wash it every day. Every time I go to the drug stores I don’t see any products for oily hair, everythings for dry hair. So please give me some suggestions…they don’t only have to be drug store products. I’m willing to pay the extra money for a good product!! Thanks!

posted about 4 years ago
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part of the reason your hair gets greasy so fast is because you wash it every day, which strips your scalp of its natural oils. definitely try to get in the habit of washing your hair every other day! after a couple weeks, you should see an improvement. try a dry shampoo or wear an updo on second-day hair in the meantime?

idk if it’ll help in the long-run, but surfactants, like sodium laurel sulfate, are what actually cleanse your hair. if you find your hair isn’t clean enough right after you shower, try shampoos with higher %s of surfactants?

you could also change the way you wash your hair, like making sure you don’t apply conditioner to your scalp.

posted almost 4 years ago
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I started putting cornstarch in my hair when it gets greasy and now I can go 3-4 days instead of every 2 days before I wash it. Plus it turns clear once it’s mixed in really good to my roots and adds volume :)

posted almost 4 years ago
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If your hair is greasy, you definitely should not use conditioner. Use a clarifying shampoo to start with, and definitely try to go the 2-3 days in between washing. Try not to put too much product on your hair in between washing it. If you need something “conditioner like”, try a light citrus type spray. Go very light with it, and only use it in the places that need it like the ends.

posted almost 4 years ago
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Have you tried doing jojoba oil treatments? This is suppose to be good for oily hair as jojoba oil is really close to the body’s natural oils. I guess it can kinda trick the body into thinking it’s produced too much oil so it cuts back.

One other thing I do, instead of washing my hair every time I’m in the shower, I just rinse it really well and then dry and style as usual. Rinsing it helps distribute oil evenly so it doesn’t look greasy just at the roots. I have blonde, fine hair, so oily roots really show, but rinsing it every other day seems to work quite well.

posted almost 4 years ago

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