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Hmmm, I think the article exaggerated Forever 21’s reaction. Forever 21 did not “sue” the blogger. It simply sent a letter saying: if you are going to talk crap about us, you don’t have our permission to use our logo or our images.

I think it’s fair. Forever 21 is a brand, but it’s run by people too. I can imagine that if there is a new blog called “wtf_stylebubble” and it only made fun of susie bubble’s posts, she’d want to write something to the user too.

True, the letter came from Forever 21’s legal department. For a company that size, I’m sure the founders can’t just send a hand-written note to the user.

At the end of the day, Forever 21 did not file a lawsuit for $$ or trying to send the writer to jail. It simply told her: don’t use my stuff for free if you are going to talk shi*t.

posted almost 5 years ago
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Wow! that is really crazy! It makes sense if the blogger solely blogs to critique F21 but for everyone else who just blogs about clothes and happens to do an article about the clothing from F21, they would be in their own right to express what they truly believe about the brand. In this case though, F21 has all the rights to ‘scare’ the blogger.

posted almost 5 years ago
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I found out about the blog after the whole Forever21 lawsuit against them. They are taking precautions because they saw something threatening about the blog. It’s a pretty funny blog and I like that they make fun of Forever21, so I can see why they did this to ‘scare’ them. However Forever21 is such a huge brand that I doubt a small blog like WTForever21 is going to hurt them at all.

posted almost 5 years ago
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Lots of bloggers use images belonging to brands and technically don’t have the permission for it but nothing ever comes of it (eg runway images). The owners of the images etc have the right to ask people not to use them and it looks like they wanted to invoke that right here and I get why. XD Having a whole blog dedicated to one brand is a bit much.
Personally on my blog I always use my own images or get permission because I know that technically crediting doesn’t cut it legally shrugs

Florrie x

posted almost 5 years ago
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As they say, if you don’t have something good to say, just shut up… Positivity! But if it’s a constructive criticism about F21, then that’s should be fine…

posted over 3 years ago
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This is ridiculous. I can understand them asking her not to use their logo or images from their website. That’s their property. But force her to shut down the blog? She’s merely voicing her opinion about their products. She’s allowed to have negative opinions about the company and voice them, as long as she’s not slandering them. I don’t see why she can’t continue the blog, and simply link to the items she’s talking about instead of using images from Forever21’s website. Or, she could actually go to a Forever21 store and take pictures of merchandise and post them on her blog.

posted about 3 years ago

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