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by Ria Casco

In a recent documentary film entitled The September Issue, Anna Wintour says “People are frightened of Fashion, because it scares them or it makes them feel insecure, they put it down. There is something about fashion that can make people very nervous.” Ask me why, and I would say it is probably because it is misunderstood.

In many ways, Fashion probably is one of the most misunderstood, or even daresay, underappreciated forms of art. Mostly criticized for its utility, especially in the realm of high fashion, people tend to see it as unnecessary, unpractical and narcissistic. By face-value, it commands little respect from society and is dismissed as a superficial matter of concern.

Quite ironically, a vast amount of people all over the world are left unconscious of the astounding amount of influence it holds over our daily lives. But from the few who are aware of this, it garners much criticism, specifically from the perspective of social activists. From the Feminist movement, issues regarding the role of the entire spectrum of female fashion models (whether in print, TV or ramp) in shaping female stereotypes in society, are central. Moreover, fashion is also what fingers point to blame in the formation of the consumerist culture in today’s generation.

In all fairness, maybe this industry is not completely innocent of these social crimes. It is true, that the fashion industry has an incredible amount of influence in forming the beliefs and culture of society. But on the other hand, maybe they are not entirely to blame for all of this. Yes. Fashion is incredibly powerful, and yes maybe the people in this industry must make a conscious effort in being responsible for the ideas and things that they disseminate to society through their works of art. But with all due respect to these socially concerned individuals and irregardless of the issues that fashion imposes on society, let us put ourselves in the shoes of the people involved in this industry.

Let us put ourselves in the shoes of a supermodel. She was born beautiful; maybe we shouldn’t blame her for being made for this job. She doesn’t work a normal 9-5 schedule; sometimes she has a 3am call time for a TV commercial. Sometimes, she shuffles through a day filled with casting calls, fittings, fashion shows, and photo shoots, throwing a quick breakfast, lunch and dinner somewhere in between. One day she’s in Paris, the next day she’s in Milan, probably lounging in a $20,000-hotel suite, when all that she wants to be is back home in her little house, with her family whom she misses so very much. Sometimes she is incredibly worn out and tired and asks herself ‘why am I doing this?’. Maybe, just maybe, like everybody else, she wants to provide a good life for her family. Perhaps, sometimes she thinks of how her success can be paid forward. Maybe sometimes she even thinks of donating her money to charities.

Or maybe we should put ourselves in the shoes of fashion designers. On some days, maybe even most days, they are just simply artists bursting with ideas, looking for an outlet for creative expression. Their ideas, these brilliantly eccentric ideas, are ones that science simply cannot translate. And because of this, they turn to their instruments, and only with their gifted hands, their ideas are beautifully translated into dresses, shoes, hats, necklaces and other magnificent objects. But of course, on some days, they face dilemmas too; because most probably, their art is what earns them a living. And so there are some days they are burdened with the problem of balancing business without compromising their art. And of course, there are some days when they face criticism, some days when people don’t understand or like what they do, these days when they question themselves as artists.

Of course, let us not forget to put ourselves in the shoes of the other kinds of people in this industry. Let us not forget the photographers, whose eyes are keen than most of us, who see beauty in the most mundane beings and objects, whose gift is to be able to express the beauty their eyes see into beautiful photographs, just so we could see it too. Or why not put ourselves into the shoes of makeup artists, even? Whose hands are comparable to the great painting masters’, whose skill lies in brushes, shapes and colors, whose ability is to transform the faces of people from one persona to another?

Maybe there are times that these people are not money and power-hungry monsters at all. Perhaps their intentions are not to harm anyone. Maybe not everyone would be captured and fascinated by John Galliano’s Haute couture creations or understand what jeggings are. But the point-in-fact is, maybe you don’t need to like or understand it. These are art created by people. Maybe sometimes they exist to just to be. And these people, maybe sometimes, they are just artists, who like to create things without a need for explanation, whose minds are driven by constant curiosity and creativity, whose desire is…well, honestly to make art. So leave these people be, and let these pieces of art be. Maybe Fashion is not pleading for adoration but maybe it deserves some respect.

With no need to be understood, undeniably strange and curious is this art form called Fashion. Unapologetic, brave and a part of our lives, whether we like it or not.

So, what do YOU think? :)

posted over 7 years ago
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I think Fashion is an art because it’s something that can be manipulated, distorted, and can create emotion. You can create something new with fashion.

posted over 7 years ago
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Fashion is expressing who you are. so its a form of art, it can be so creative!

posted over 7 years ago

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