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So, my question is: what do you wear on a snow day?

It’s snowing yet again on the East Cost and I need to find a way to wear my (still cute!) heavy duty snow boots. This isn’t a little snow and this is New England weather so those red wedges I wanted to wear, yeah, not happening. It’s super slippery here, and to top it off, freezing!

Here is a picture of what they (roughly) look like:
(They’re the ones on the left)

So, thoughts! Besides jeans and a sweatshirt, I don’t really know where to turn anymore!

posted over 7 years ago
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well, while those boots aren’t really my style, they would probably look very cute with skinny jeans tucked in, with a classic white tee and a blazer, or a blouse and a brown leather jacket. You could also tuck a pair of leggings into them and throw on an oversized fair aisle sweater :)
I totally know how it feels to be stuck in all this snow haha I live in ohio and we just got hit with that HUGE ice storm!

posted over 7 years ago
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Heavy-duty footwear seems to be really on-trend at the moment, so I think it’s totally possible to look stylish and still be practical in the snow.

With the (fur? shearling? it’s hard to see from the picture) and the laces your boots have a classic rugged winter look, so I think they’d be really cute with other classic winter details like fur, wool, cable knit, Fair Isle, and accessories like long, thick scarves, mittens, and big cozy winter hats. These would all keep you super warm, too.

I agree with chicchica_bonita that oversized knits with leggings and the boots would be a really good look. And of course you can layer as many pairs of leggings or tights as you need to keep your legs warm and they’ll still look sleek. (I do it all the time; my record for this year is two pairs of leggings UNDER two pairs of tights!).

posted over 7 years ago

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