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Hello. I’m a 19 year old college student in north carolina and im looking to change my style. Right now I have a very conservative wardrobe. I usually find myself wearing blue jeans, a colored t-shirt (solid color no writing), some type of jacket, and my white nike air maxs (however you spell it). I don’t necessarily know what I am looking for. I am open minded, free spirted, and working on expressing my creativity. Also I view myself as an intellectual. I would like my outer apperence to reflect my inner views. Any suggestions? thanks. If you need more information to offer better advice please ask.

posted over 8 years ago
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since you’re open minded and creative, the best advice I can give is to start experimenting! :) Take risks, try new things, accept that you’re going to make some failures and “don’ts” and laugh them off and learn from them when you do.

Individual style doesn’t evolve overnight, it’s going to take you some time to figure out not only who you are, but also how to express that and what lines work best with your body type. It’s also not something you can pick out and order like Ikea furniture — “oh, ‘rocker-indie’, I like that one. I’ll order/be that”. LOL

magazines and fashion blogs can be a great source for inspiration.
they can expose you to things you weren’t aware of before (you can’t make your perfect style if you don’t know it exists). they can also help make you aware of what kinds of things you respond to (texture, color, lines, haircuts, accessories).

browsing stores and faux-shopping is also a great way to experiment
Go into some stores you like and just try things on. Don’t edit or filter. If something catches your eye, pick it up and try it on. Don’t listen to that second voice that starts poo-pooing the idea or questioning it. Trying it on and pushing your boundaries is the way to figure out your new style. Also, go into stores you’ve never been into before or immediately rejected before. You may find something surprising. Or at the least you’ll have affirmation that those things are not for you — knowing what you do NOT want is halfway to figuring out what you DO.

then there’s the practical stuff:
think about how much money you have to spend, how often you can buy clothes, if you’re the DIY type or off-the-rack only. consider how much time you realistically want to devote to getting ready each day, if you’re the type to take care of your clothes or wad them up and wash your whites with your darks, what you’ll be doing on most days.

At 19 you probably need to start considering professional attire of some kind as well — whether that’s working retail during the holidays, getting an office job to pay for school, or getting an internship in a field of interest. So that may mean you have a personal style and a professional style. With your existing conservative wardrobe the professional issue might already be solved for you.

another thing that may help you…

I started collecting images from fellow Chictopians and streetstyle sites in a folder I call “Things I’d wear”.
There are outfits I very much like, but would not or could not wear. Then there are those things that make me go “hmm, I’d wear that”. So whenever I come across one of those I put it in the folder.

It’s helping me be more aware of what kinds of things feel “right” for me, what my style is evolving into. Then from there I can study the details to better understand how balance, proportion, color and texture are best used to achieve that style.

I also try to pay attention to how a look can be translated from one body type to another, or conversely, when a style is only suited to a specific body type. For example, if an “I’d wear that” outfit is shown on a short full figured woman I’ll see if/how I can translate that to my own body type (tallish, thinish).

hope that helps.

posted over 8 years ago

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