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Hi chictopians…
I’m just writing this because I’ve just realised that someone is plagiarising my photos and my personal blog, and pretending to be me :(

I know my photos on chictopia are for the public to see, and a few months ago I was randomly searching ways to wear coloured tights on Google and I came across a Flickr group ‘Fashion My Legs’ which linked to it’s blog
I was surprised but flattered to see a photo of one of my chictopia outfits on there. However I didn’t write anything there (which looking back was a mistake I guess.)

After I started my blog Sweethearts and Celebrations a girl added me as her favourite on chictopia and wrote some comments on my blog, I realised it was the same girl who owned the blog I saw myself on. I checked her blog again and saw she mainly had photos of people’s outfits she liked on her blog, so I didn’t think much of it.

Today, I just randomly checked her blog again and to my complete shock and disgust I saw that she had reposted and uploade EVERY SINGLE ONE of my photos and blog posts from my personal blog onto her blog. And furthermore, she IS PRETENDING TO BE ME.
One of my photos is used as the header for her blog page, and even in her ‘about me’ section she has copied what I have written on my blog page. She doesn’t bother to link back to my blog and she has directly copied my blog word for word and picture for picture, so it is obvious she is trying to pass herself off as me.

Here are some screencaps I took of the blog:
the header which is a photo of me, and the ‘about me’ which is copied from my blog
what she directly copied from my most recent blog post
another example
The bottom of that blog post, you can see the beginning of a comment made by me

I am really shocked and concerned, I don’t know what to do. I wrote a comment asking her to please take my photos and blog posts off as it is blatant plagiarism, but who knows if she will actually do that? She might even just delete me and block me from her blog.
Can anyone help me with this?

Would anyone else be able to write more comments to her asking her to take my photos and blog posts down from her blog? That would be a great help if anyone could do anything to help me out.

I understand that putting my photos online means that they are public, but I don’t mind if anyone wants to use my photos- as long as they credit me and link back to my blog. But PRETENDING TO BE ME AND COPING ALL OF MY POSTS AND PHOTO is just wrong :(
Especially as she has not only copied my outfit photos, she has copied all of my writing and even all the photos of my friends that I have put on my blog, which are not relevant to fashion at all. Putting up photos of my friends when they aren’t even related to fashion is horrible, and i’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate it if they found out. She had even put up my old blog posts/photos from 2008, when my blog was mainly for my/my friends use and I wasn’t promoting it.

My REAL blog is Sweethearts and Celebrations


Thanks for reading guys and I hope you can understand where i’m coming from… i’m kind of upset right now… :(
If you can leave a comment on her blog asking her to take down my photos and blog posts, that would be great.
What else do you think I should do?

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Oh my goodness, that sucks! It’s sort a blogger worst nightmare come to life. You might try reporting the blog to Blogger; they can be slow with issues, but they might be able to do something. I would be persistent with e-mails to her and to Blogger.
On the plus side: she only has 3 followers and it doesn’t look like anyone really reads her blog…
Good luck.

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She recently posted an apology. But taking photos and not giving credit is just wrong. She should stop taking photos or at least give credit by posting links.

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Thanks for the replies guys :)

Yeah it looks like after I commented and posted on my blog, she took down all my blog posts and changed some stuff, apparently she was just “experimenting with content and layouts to learn about blogging”….. I still think that’s pretty suss though, seeing as I first saw her blog a few months ago and it was completely different then. Trying to experiment with her blog by pretending to be me and using everything I have written and posted? whatever…
At least she’s taken all my posts off now and posted a link to my page.

But I definitely agree that she shouldn’t be using other people’s photos without telling them, or at least crediting them or linking back to them!

posted over 8 years ago

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