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Ok, firstly sorry if this sounds really dumb, but this something funny I just read from another forum which got everyone talking, so wanted to share it here!

This is a quote from Shakira when she talks about her famously shapely butt: “I’ve always loved my booty, it gives me shape and definition. It feels like having a cushion down the back of your pants to sit on! It keeps me comfortable in my seat!”

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard someone say something this. In fact I’ve noticed with my friends that whenever we sit anywhere, everyone apart from me seems to always quickly complain after 10 minutes that their butts ache!

So the quote from Shakira and my friends experiences got me thinking about how my own bum feels when I sit! I’m quite petite myself but have quite a ‘well-sized‘ booty compared to the rest of my body too, and personally I agree with Shakira’s assessment that I also find it to be quite soft and comfy to sit on. Especially when I wiggle around on my seat to get comfortable, I’m actually really grateful now for that cushioney feeling I always feel!

So to all other women out there blessed with a butt, can anyone else relate to this too? Have a little wiggle on your seat and see for yourself! What does your butt actually feel like when you sit on it?

Perhaps we’ve stumbled on another advantage of having a bit of junk in the trunk?! :)

posted about 6 years ago
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I love this question so much!

Mine is bigger than average. I, like you, am petite and I’m not overweight, I just have a booty. Everything I have seems to go to my butt. But it’s a damn comfortable butt.

I took your advice and had a good wiggle on my seat. – I’d say my butt just feels quite soft and squishy to sit on. Sometimes when I sit on really hard surfaces for a very long time, like the floor, then my bum becomes a bit numb, but not after ten minutes.

Most of my ex-bfs have been quite obsessed with my booty but yes, i agree with you, it feels really nice and comfy to sit on!

ha, sounds so silly but it’s true! I like my comfortable squishy butt. :3

posted about 6 years ago
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I’m overweight and have a huge butt.
But even when I am “skinny” I have a huge butt and thighs. I like it. I have an hour glass figure. check out my blog

posted about 6 years ago

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