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Haha I’m guessing this is a bit of an Odd question, but I’m on a cruise ship and were going to be “crossing the line” (equator) in two days and for the ceremony I don’t know what to wear. Basically it’s where everyone who has never crossed the equator before has to make a “sacrifice” haha. The sacrifice in this case is you get messy with the “kitchen leftovers” poured all over you…basically you get covered in like a cake batter kind of mixture. You DO get super messy I hear :) And then after you’re messy you get dunked in the pool.

So yeah… Idk what to wear. Traditionally you’re supposed to get reallydressed up for it, just because the ceremony is a big deal, everyone is watching, and you should look your best for it. I def need to dress up – of the few people I have talked to about it, every one of them is wearing the best outfit they have with them. And I never want to look underdressed.

Basically the options are (what I brought with me on the trip):
Really Dressed Up, Outfit 1: Gorgeous Emilio Pucci evening dress (blue), Jimmy Choo strappy heeled sandals
Slightly-less Dressed Up, Outfit 2: White Jovani evening dress, BCBG tan heeled-sandals
Slightly-less Dressed Up, Outfit 3: White Albert Nipon skirt suit, Stuart Weitzman pumps

Pretty much that’s all the options I have…I dont have anything “in-between.” After those options, it’s just a top/jeans pretty much. What do you think I should wear?

posted about 7 years ago

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