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I think i can not hold this anymore! when i open the Chictopia today to my account and realize the giant side banner of “Where The Wild Things Are” have invaded in my personal blog space!!! i just can not take it anymore – this is absolutely obscure!!! i mean, i got it, you need advertisement to keep this going , after all the money is needed to get anything going … but come on, this site is about sharing fashion, there should be just some attention the integrity of the site: i mean, how can you look at the photos when there is all those animation and bigger banners around!!!

I did not complain when all those ADs start to pop up in our pages and the focus of the importance of our photos has diminished day by day – i said nothing because, at least, our main blog page was kept intact – it still looks like a blog page with our photos presented as the way they should be …. i still felt proud to link my blog and my fellow chictopian’s blogs to outsider world …. but, today when i logged into my blog, i just could not believe my eye!!! why do you have to put this banner in our pages – don’t we all GET IT!!! yes, the movie start tomorrow!!! i see it, remember it and put it on my calender – i just don’t need it in my fashion blog where i invite my friends, family, college to view and participate!!! now, how can i continue to do that! i will be so embarrassed to see my photo aside from those giant ad campaign!!! THIS IS SPAMMING …. not advertising ….

posted over 8 years ago

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