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Ah the elusive Style Gallery. It is one of the coveted positions on Chictopia, and a place that really allows other Chictopians to see your style. So, how do you end up there? Contrary to what has been said, you don’t need a DSLR (though a camera phone probably won’t do) or long legs and sunglasses.

First, look at the photos that do end up in the Style Gallery. What do they have in common? They are quality photos, with good lighting. This look can be acheived without a DSLR or Photoshop, contrary to popular belief. You may benefit from looking at photography tutorials online and shooting photos OUTDOORS. Also, photos that don’t show the ENTIRE OUTFIT, block out the person’s face, have more than one photo as part of a larger image, or have more than one person in it DO NOT USUALLY MAKE IT INTO THE STYLE GALLERY. Most people that get into the Gallery often work very hard to create outfit photos, they don’t use family vacation photos, prom/event photos, or glamor photos from professional photographers. The users of Chictopia want to see effort and purpose. When I see photos like I described above, I honestly roll my eyes and move on to the next.

Another secret that I like to divulge to people is that it would be in your best interest to WAIT TO POST PHOTOS until you have acheived Style Council status. By having more than 200 points people will be more likely to give your photo a Chic Point if they know that by you reciprocating, they will receive a chic point just as valuable (This is because only style council member chic votes count towards getting you photo into the Style Gallery).

Onto the avoided issue of style. What is stylish or pleasing to the eye is often a highly personal interpretation. Unfortunately, we do often see the same types of outfits and girls ending up in the style gallery. However, is this because they are stylish or because Chictopia is full of unoriginal sheep? I would like to think that it is the former, rather than the latter. If you are really serious about getting into the style gallery, maybe a personal style evaluation is in order. Are your clothes dated (and not in a cool vintage way)? Are they ill-fitting? These are too of the biggest problems that I notice in some photos. I know it sounds shallow. Sorry. One of the biggest benefits of Chictopia that I have experienced and that others have experienced is that it evolves your own personal style. If your photo is quality, and you are networking the way that you should (i.e. quality comments, quality friendships), then maybe the problem IS in fact your style. That of course leads you to the conclusion to either a)look at your style from a new light or b)say F-U Chictopia (which is okay, but I’d certainly hope you’d stick it out).

Also, CONFIDENCE and “You’re never fully dressed without a smile”!

Anyone want to add anything else?

posted almost 8 years ago
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I think it’s important that you emphasized that people don’t need to look the same: sunglasses, cookie cutter skinny legs, DSLR camera and photoshop.

I am guilty of taking pics in the bathroom too because sometimes I might not get dressed for the evening until it’s dark out. I hope to invest in a better camera simply for photography purposes and take pics outside.

I found that you can have great outfits in Chictopia but if your photo is off in some way and not visually appealing, people skip over it. Framing of the photo is super important too.

I see people with great, fashionable outfits get a few votes and people just wearing a tee and cutoff shorts get into style gallery. It makes no sense but the picture is what makes or breaks the outfit.

posted almost 8 years ago
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This is a really good guide! I think it will really help the girls who are really lost in what they’re doing, and its help me a little too! Thank you, and great idea!

posted almost 8 years ago

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