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Lucullen had an extraordinary breakout year, in which it launched its fashion designs to much praise and rapture within and beyond the fashion community. Mercedes Benz Fashion week, the
Toronto festival, and Moda Manhattan were some of the shows which captured the highlights of a burgeoning fashion design house. Flush with features from sites such as Reuters, Yahoo! Finance, MSNBC, and Market Watch, Lucullen is poised for even greater things in 2009.

The uniqueness of Lucullen lies in its goal to make women feel comfortable in their own clothes. This is accomplished by infusing each woman’s personal identity into what she is wearing. After all, a woman is only beautiful if she looks comfortable and feels confident. This reflects the aim of the Lucullen designers: “to produce a successful, well rounded and contemporary woman.”

Lucullen creator, Joyce Huang, has been in the fashion industry for over a decade, working in designer studios in Taipei, New York, China, and Toronto. The outlook that she has developed is universal: “Whimsical and playful, yet structured and professional. Soft and demure, but bold and desiring attention. Delicate and discreet while being confident and assertive.”

This has paved way for designs that are luxurious and lavish, yet fair and modest — Lucullen is like no other brand. Elegant and timeless cuts are reinterpreted into contemporary classics. With fabric that comes from Italy, Germany, India, and Japan, Lucullen offers true worldwide appeal. Colors include classic white, ivory, black, silver, gold, pastels, and mixes of other bold colors.

This one of a kind fashion movement is represented in the new Fall/Winter designs unveiled by Lucullen. With designs that are chic, sharp, angelic and dark, Lucullen mystifyingly combines all of these elements into a tremendous collection.

In describing the new Fall/Winter line, unique would be an understatement. Some cuts are dazzling while others are so beautifully simple; it’s as if the clothes themselves are daring you not to wear them. And, as hinted earlier, some of the angelic pieces are so breathtaking; it feels as if the sky has descended upon us.

Luckily, Lucullen has been chosen to represent The Train during Feb. 21-23, 2009. The Train is an exciting fashion and accessories trade show in NYC, which offers a tightly edited selection of the world’s most creative and wearable collections. Over 100 brands will be present. Two other events in which Lucullen will be featured are: World Boutique in Hong Kong, from January 12-15, at booth #5B38, and The Toronto-Ontario Fashion Exhibitors show, from March 14-17. For more information:

World Boutique, Hong Kong will be held Jan. 12 ~15, 2009. For more info:

The Train International Wardrobe and Accessories will be held Feb 21~23, 2009. For more info:

Ontario Fashion Exhibitors Show produces Canada’s premier fashion event which will be held March 14 ~17, 2009. For more information:

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