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I’m looking for a career in fashion magazines, but I don’t live in a city that is known for big fashion magazines like Vogue. Does anyone know of any other career paths for someone who doesn’t want to move to NY but still wants a future career in fashion magazines?


posted over 7 years ago
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I actually have the same problem. I want to work for Vogue, or Instyle, but I am not NYC type of gal. Retail is another option. These days, it seems like a lot of retail companies have launched their own blogs. Forever 21 has The Skinny and I think Gap just launched a magazine (I found out from Chictopia’s Twitter yesterday). I think working for these new age magazines would be interesting too. But yeah, they are not VOGUE!

posted over 7 years ago
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I think that the role of a magazine editor will change significantly over the next few years in the fashion industry. Traditionally, if you make it to Anna Wintour level, you can pretty much have a rock solid position and have people run around you all day and pay respect to you as the ultimate “authority”. With the rise of fashion bloggers (personal style + editorial), the concept of “fashion authority” will not be as long lasting as it did years ago. Talent can shoot to fame in 6 months, and conversely, the buzz can die down very quickly. As such, all magazines/publications/brands need to align with the young and fresh point of view. Because who knows when the next Tavi will come along?

As far as career path goes, besides working for a magazine, there are many other channels for a budding talent to exercise her unique point of view.

1. Many retailers have great fashion blogs/publications now. Like Zoeyxx said, they are also trying to become the next fashion authority. Many retailers are based in LA (Forever 21, American Apparel), and others in San Francisco(Gap, Levi’s). I predict that within the next year, a lot more will follow and launch their own blogs.

2. Many local newspapers and magazines have launched their local street style section. They are trying to become TheCut, or DailyCandy(has an office in SF).

3. Other online retailers like GiltGroupe and ModCloth also have strong editorial voice on their website.

4. Of course, there is always Chictopia, Polyvore, or Fashionista.

I think the industry is actually offering more opportunities for people who don’t live in NYC now. It’s the Wild Wild West days of fashion.

posted over 7 years ago

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