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I have 6 years of experience in web designing but I’ve never worked for a web designing company or anything related to that because I’m a freelancer who design websites as a hobby and I do it for the passion and not really as a job because I already have my own full time job. When I was 16-17, I started coding websites and sold them to people for $20-$30 per website and I was scolded severely by my parents because they told me I’ve been cheated. So I am not sure what is actually the market rate for designing a website. I design and build websites because it’s my passion and it’s not for the money. But can anyone advise me how much should I charge people so that I won’t be short-changed. Because I’ve just been approached by the organizer of F1 and Stanford University to design websites for them. Currently, I also have a few large MNC companies who seem keen to hire me as a freelance web designer but I always do not know what to tell them when they ask me how much I am charging them. Please advise thanks.

posted almost 5 years ago

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