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Hi guys,
I m going to propose to my girlfriend for marriage next week. I don’t want to loos my chance, so here I want to know all the things whic are important while propose to a girl for marriage. Please write your experience or place where can I get [proposal ideas uk]. Thank you!

posted almost 5 years ago
posts: 45

Honestly, in a perfect world we would all get engaged at our favorite spot in the world in the perfect weather and doves would fly out of our sleeves. That being said, it does not happen that way for everyone.

My Fiance proposed to me at a B&B on vacation. He secretly bought the ring and had it in his pocket when we arrived. He was planning on putting it in the room, but our room wasn’t ready. So, we walked around Denver all afternoon and did touristy stuff. Turns out once we got back to the room he was nearly panicked about carrying an expensive piece of jewelry around all day! I went ot freshen up in the bathroom and when I came out he was on one knee. He knew he was going to propose sometime that trip, but after being worried about the ring getting lost, he decided to just propose to me once we were in private.

He said, “I wanted you to have it as soon as I could give it to you” after he proposed and I feel like that’s what matters more. That you literally want her to have this token of your love! While the setting and all can be very romantic, take it from me when I say, she will black out and get emotional. Likely you will gray-out too :)

Just focus on you two having a lovely day and moment together and the rest will happen how it needs to. Good luck!

posted almost 5 years ago
posts: 466

Two tips:
1. Personal – include favorite hobby/ place, or maybe where you met, etc.
2. What matters is what you SAY

posted almost 5 years ago

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