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What are the basic things a girl (or a guy) needs to know about engagement rings? Like, how big should the diamond be? And do girls get to pick out the ring? Or should it be a surprise? Everyone around me is getting engaged, and I don’t know the first thing about these things. Someone please educate me! :)

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It probably varies by country, but in the SF Bay Area, the general rule is 3x monthly salary. So, if the guy makes $5k a month, the ring should be about $15k. Size varies a lot with quality of the diamond. You can get a low grade one-carat for $2k or a high grade carat for $12k.

I found that blue nile has the most selection of styles. You can always pick out the style you like from there and send your bf a link :-)

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Everybody is different, some prefer to pick out their own ring and some like surprises. There are people with jewelry-phobia, a writer from BUST magazine end up getting married without a ring because she hates all kinds of jewelries (like how people hate spiders and clowns).

There are non-diamond wedding rings that are on the market, like pearls and/or sterling silver. Some couples are practical and like to live modestly.

I remembered when Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan got engaged— there were people who threw a fit over Priscilla’s ruby ring on how “plain” it is. I thought it looked fine, I guess society isn’t okay with that.

Honestly, I think it just boils down to the couple/ individual. I specifically told my boyfriend that I don’t want him to spend on a diamond ring (personal moral reasons and I’m a cheapo). I’m into simple sterling silver rings that one can find on Etsy or some geeky girl web-shop sites.

I really like this Sailor Moon sterling ring

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i think it depends on each person. if i were to propose i would first find out what kind of ring she wants/likes even if i cant afford it. [i dont think price should matter, but i dont see the point in getting the most expensive rock out there]. keep in mind that diamons, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are all precious stones. tthey are perfect for engagement. I see pearls more fitting for an older bride. 

The ring may have a single stone, or more of them.. 

posted over 1 year ago
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You probably need to get a good understanding of the 4Cs and also have a budget in mind before going shopping. Then, start looking at only GIA or AGS graded diamonds and try to look at them in person

posted 7 months ago

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