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hey im a new chictopian
here for inspriation and advice =]
lately ive been into thrift store shopping…but i need advice on what kind of things to look for and how to wear them without looking too granny-ish.
i live in kentucky, style here is stiffled. if youre not wearing a northface and uggs or sperrys all the time its not considered cute. WTF? so im working against the grain anyway lol
so help me please!!!
suggestions tips comments???

posted over 7 years ago
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Hi! I’m a vintage dealer on Ebay, so I frequen thrift shops all the time.

Buy whatever looks good to you! And always remember the possibilities something has. A dress with a great print but frumpy cut can always be altered to fit better, or you can make something else from the fabric. Long dresses can be cut shorter if you’d like, etc. etc. Most thrift stores are good about putting only good quality items on the racks, but to be safe, always look out for big stains, rips, cigarette burns (esp. in polyester), etc. etc. Anything more than a couple bucks might not be worth the gamble if it’s ‘as is’ and full of heavy stains! Pair vintage items with new trendy accessories if you don’t want to look ‘dated’. Then you’ll be on the cutting edge!
posted over 7 years ago
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I’d keep in mind Urban Outfitters- most of their items look like thrift store patterns and are kitschy, but their fits make them modern. So when you find something at a thrift store and like its pattern, get it! You can alter it (like shortening the hem), or adding a belt to a baggy dress. You should also follow some vintage fashion blogs- they give you a lot of awesome ideas on how to style things modernly :)

posted about 3 years ago
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I agree! Urban Outfitters is a good source to look for vintage inspiration. You can also check out Chictopia’s vintage gallery: and see how other people do vintage.

posted almost 3 years ago
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I love shopping at resale shops, high-end resale shops. I talk about it a bit here. Celebrity Fashion

posted almost 3 years ago
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Hey girl, the majority of my closet is thrifted. I’m from Leavenworth and Lawrence KS, so nothing big city. Honestly, I try to look for versatile pieces (like a black tank top, a cute a line skirt, or a white button up) because they’re easy to use and super cheap at places like Goodwill. I also pick up statement pieces there, because again it’s cheap (I have a lot of the ugliest sweaters you’ve ever seen, scarves, old school dresses, grandpa cardigans, etc), but I don’t have any real advice for finding them—it depends on how zany you’re comfortable looking :). Goodwill and other local thrift shops are a good place to find things like scarves and even shoes, too! the biggest tip I can give you is to shop with confidence. Yeah, the clothes are used. Who cares? Don’t be afraid to try on anything you like.

Lastly, congratulations for doing your own thing. the northface uggs/sperrys look is beyond boring and uninspired.

posted almost 3 years ago

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