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First, I should tell you guys a little about the wedding. We are going for a simple ‘’vintage farmhouse’’ style..and it’s being held in a historic building during the evening.

Now about my dress, I actually bough it from the Jessica McClintock store…it’s an all lace halter gown in ALL ivory. (On the site it is depicted with a black lace bodice.)

Now my point is, even though I am in love with this dress…because it has the romantic feel like I wanted…but I also was really hoping to show off my style by doing lots of fun accessories. I am hoping that by choosing lace I have not made to many sacrifices. I pretty much always use silver jewelery because gold does not compliment my skin tone…but I don’t know if this is appropriate for an ivory lace? Also, how much jewelry…what type on necklace with a halter if I want one? Could I wear a long strand of pearls, the kind you double up?

And then as far as a veil goes, I MUST HAVE A BIRDCAGE veil. I also ordered this origami-ish ivory fabric flower that looks beautiful with it…but I also really wanted to wear some kind of feather fasinator as well. (Maybe one for the ceremony and one for the reception?) This is because I am making all my girls one to wear in their hair.

IS this all too much? ALL suggestions WELCOME! : ) Thanks!!!

posted almost 7 years ago
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I’d pair it with an antique inspired choker and maybe a matching bracelet.

posted almost 7 years ago
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I feel like less would totally be more. Simple and clean, without too much complicated jewelry. The dress is really going to be the visual wow. I think you should keep the fascinator and veil separate. That’s just a lot of attention to the top of your head, when you really want people to be focusing on how god damned pretty you are and how freaking happy you feel. ;)

posted almost 7 years ago
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You really should go with gold when wearing and ivory dress. Also, since it is a halter top, I would suggest going with an earring and a large bracelet or cuff. What I would do is find a big vintage looking gold bracelet with pearls and pair it with some vintage post earrings.

I would be careful about doing TOOO much, the bird cage veil and flower sound BEAUTIFUL and will definitely make a statement. If you add the feather also then there is really a lot going on, added with the lace too its just a lot. You don’t want to look back on your pictures and wish you hadn’t worn EVERYTHING. So I suggest you pick some KEY pieces you really want… but I wouldn’t do the wrapped pearls, that has been way overdone.

Good Luck!

posted almost 7 years ago
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I realize this posting is a year old but from your description I am having a very similar wedding! I was wondering if you have any photos you could send me a link to so I can see what you ended up wearing for your big day?

My wedding will also be farm-vintage, its actually a barn-museum, plus I am wearing a lace wedding dress and I want a birdcage veil as well. I would appreciate photos for inspiration!


posted over 5 years ago
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I think you should wear a matching bracelet with your ivory lace dress and you also check trendzmania

for another option to wear with your ivory dress.


posted 11 months ago

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