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Whenever I go out to shop I always find clothing that are cute but, I never know how to put an outfit together or wear a shirt multiple ways to create multiple outfits. I know the style I like, and I always try to be inspired by it but it never works! All my outfits in my closet are just bland now it usually goes shirt, jean, shoes.

How do people know how to put together outfits? From the right shirt and jacket to pants/skirts etc and shoes. I’ve always had trouble with this I end up getting frustrated, leaving the store with nothing.

posted over 5 years ago
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^ agreed. if you’re like, “ohh, that’s such a cute jacket.. don’t have anything to wear with it, but it’s cute!” you won’t wear it—it’ll rot in the closet with tags on (I definitely have a few of those). also, don’t buy clothes for occasions you’ll never need.

get inspiration for a particular look, before you shop—look for the different ways people wear something (e.g. chictopia, lookbook, pinterest). pay attention to certain key pieces that tie a look together but usually go unnoticed (e.g. a skinny belt)

but most importantly.. if you don’t know what looks good, just play around with your closet! try a shirt you like with anything that might remotely look good, even if it’s kind of out-there. you’ll discover what you like, what flatters your figure, certain ways to wear certain clothes, etc, just by actually trying them. when you like something in-store, try on a whole outfit to go with it!

posted over 5 years ago

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