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Hey ladies (and gents). So on wednesday im leaving for a 10 day trip to Seattle and Las Vegas w/ my parents. im very excited ;) I’ve been to Vegas before (and yes, i know it’ll be really hot there!) but i’ve never been to Seattle. I have to start packing and i need some help on deciding what to bring. My mom and I are sharing a big suitcase as to avoid extra airline bag charges, so i cant bring too much. Heres what i plan to bring so far:
Boyfriend jeans (for cold nights in seattle)
Grey blazer (maybe my black one too)
at least like 4 pairs of shorts (casual & fancy)
at least 4 t-shirts (all short sleeved or sleeveless. shud i bring long sleeved for Seattle?)
2 long racer-back sleeveless tees (maybe as bathing-suit cover-ups at the pool)
(maybe) light acid wash jeans
body-con black H & M skirt w/ gold pattern
2 bathing suits
Grey jean jacket
Greyish-blue worn converse high-tops
2 black and brown gladiator-style sandals
navy blue flip-flops
And thats all i have planned so far. Maybe another skirt, and more t-shirts. And of course underwear, and accessories. But i was wondering, for anyone who lives in Seattle, what is the weather like there? I’ve heard it rains a lot, but i figured just having an umbrella wud be okay. Am i wrong, shud i bring a raincoat, even rainboots? And is it as hot there as it is here in NYC (in the 90’s F)? My mum first told me the hottest it wud get is the 70’s, now she’s saying the 80’s. i have a feeling she may not fully know what she’s talking about, lol ;) And is there anything else you recommend i bring? okay well thanks a lot every1! :) – Lauren

posted almost 8 years ago
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I live near Portland, Oregon and the weather is pretty similar to Seattle. I think you should definitely bring both pairs of jeans you have listed. Seattle is also very hilly so you’ll want to have comfortable shoes. You should bring the long sleeved shirt. Even if it’s warm in the day, it will be cool in the night. Maybe bring shoes that are more waterproof than converse.

posted almost 8 years ago

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