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Lets face it! Its obvious i NEED help!

Im 5’1/5’0 . Im tiny, i have more mucsle on me than fat. Im proportioned well for a short gal. My chest seems to be the bain of my existance!
I used to have D’s
Now im apparently a B.

Why is it that
a) i CANT dress in low cut shirts if my life depended on it, i find my boobs are just strentching the shirt out as the day goes and next thing you know it the worlds seen my tata’s
b) What kind of tops should i stick with? Am i crazy? I always think maybe my neck is what is too short. I have the collar bone to show it all off but i dont know how to!
c) my make up, my horrible make up work. Ive been a car gal since i was 2, you could only imagine how the mechanics would show me how to put on makeup…never lol.

Can i get a much advice as possible from anyone? ( makeup, wardrobe.. etc ) I wanna look as tall and lengthy as possible. Im not the type to dress in 100% beautiful outfits like everyone here, so take it easy on me, please? haha

The photos i am attaching are merly to give you all an idea as to what im all about. Face shape, body shape, skin tone, etc. My hair right now is medium length and dark brown. :)”;

posted about 6 years ago

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