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So I love vintage clothes like many on this site. After seeing the movie 500 Days Of Summer I briefly became obsessed with finding the perfect ‘vintage pale blue dress’ but could never find one that was the right colour or size. I then came across EBAY and found one that was beautiful and purchased it.
I have had the dress now for roughly a year now and it has still not been worn. What I find most difficult is well its a little ‘old fashioned’.
Now let me explain in better detail that I am the cliche of old fashioned, my stable pieces can be considered modest for modern standards, but this dress is old fashioned for even my standards, and I honestly don’t know what to do with it.
I love the colour, and it contains a white crochet collar which is so cute, but In honesty I don’t know what to do about the dress.
I’ve contemplated hemming it up (its length at the moment is about half way to the calves), cutting off the sleeves (they’re not particularly long but are baggy), but I end up leaving it because I’m unsure if it would even make a difference. Another issue the dress itself looks formal, and I am usually quite formally dressed with kitten heels, and pencil skirts but its always ‘smart casual’ not to the degree of this dress.
Ranting aside, I’m kinda bummed because this dress ticks all the boxed for my style but something about it I feel is missing, so I’m basically asking for advice.
To cut it short I always have the belief that vintage should be in some way modern, (and this is coming from a girl that owns a pair of GoGo boots), either with accessories, or be toned down in some ways so that you look fresh and original and perhaps it’s obvious that you’re a vintage lover but not that you’ve walked off of a period drama, and with the new vintage fad its allowed less limitations. But this dress looks and feels too much and I really don’t know what to change.
If you’re still reading through my rambling, I’m asking for advice on how you make vintage modern, so I can take inspiration and think of how to make my dress more accessible……………………..And if you perhaps have some inkling what you would personally do to the dress in question (although I’m not expecting much as you haven’t seen the dress personally so the majority is guess work).

posted almost 6 years ago
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I’d love to see a photo of the dress. It sounds adorable!
But the two adjustments you mentioned, although they sound minor, I think would definitely help a lot. The length of a dress is a huge determinant in how it can be worn, and I think shortening it might lessen the formality of it.

posted almost 6 years ago
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I agree that the littles changes really can help, because even if it isn’t much, it still change the whole dress a lot. But otherwise, I think it can look really cool to wear a vintage dress together with a pair of sneakers (like Converse or something like that) to give it a more casual modern style. Or a pair of high-heeled shoes in a strong colour (maybe a darker kind of blue), and accessoaries to match the brighter colour. Hopefully it will help, because it really sound like an adorable and very pretty dress!

posted almost 6 years ago
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posted almost 6 years ago

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