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I’ve seen guides on how to dress pear shapes, tall girls, hourglass shapes, petite girls, boy-like shapes, etc. But I am both petite (I’m 5’0; short legged and long torso) and a pear/triangle and I find that some of the suggestions for pear shapes contradict the suggestions for petites. I just want to know what are good clothing tips/styles for my shape and height? Should I focus more on dressing for my shape?

posted about 7 years ago
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For petites, I think dressing as a petite first and a pear-shape second is the clue, as most of the rules for petites are about fit, finding the proper hem-lenght/sleeve lenght etc. It’s not a universal law that petites should wear mini skirts! So, the right hemlenght for you might be longer than the “typical” petite. The"biggest reason I would say you should dress in petite-rules is that those rules are made to make you look taller/more “in proportion” (I’m not trying to be mean to anyone here, just saying it the easy way. Nothing wrong about being a petite!) – and then you can start dressing as a pear shape, as those rules will apply better once you’ve figured out how to look taller.

These would be my tips to a pear-shaped petite!

1. Never compromise fit. It shouldn’t be too long, too big, too wide or too anything really. Clothes that don’t fit (both too big and too small) will make you look bigger, which you probably don’t want for your bottom half as a pear shape.
2. Also, as a petite, never let the clothes drown you. Strong shoulders (puffs) has been a huge trend, and is a pretty good idea for pear-shapes to balane out their proportions, but may swallow a petite and make it look costume-y.
3. A pair of nude wedges, a slim/bootcut dark wash jean, anything a-lined and a v-neck sweater will be your best friends. Also, dresses with v-necks (or even halters, which will broaden your shoulders) and a high waist (empire?) will look great and elongate your legs in comparison to your torso.
4. Everything up top should be fitted, have details, ruffles, statement pieces etc, while your bottoms should be streamlined, simple, no-fuss and neutral. Think bright top with a statement necklace, great makeup and dark pants.
5. Everything on a pear-shaped woman should be longer than mid-thigh. But go ahead with cleavage, bare back or strapless!
6. Wedges, chunky heels, pointy-toe flats are good. Slim heels, not so good.

I also made some suggestions on outfits for you (link below) – hope this helps!

Outfit ideas!

A great site on dressing a petite pear shape

Most important thing, however, is embracing your shape. Pear-shaped girls are all woman, and beautiful, and you should never try to hide. It’s more about accentuating the things you love about your body than hiding the parts you don’t love!

posted about 7 years ago

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