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So my company’s Christmas party is coming up early in November (yeah, weird timing, right?) and I don’t have a clue what to wear. I’m planning on buying everything new, because none of my formal clothes are formal enough, and I can afford it. It would also be the first time actually dressing up around the people I work with, due to the nature of my job.
But its been so long since I’ve gone formal, and I need help planning my outfit!

What I’ve been thinking:
- the always classic little black dress (but other than that I’m drawing a blank. What style? Length? Cut?)
- nude shoes, perhaps? (Very Angelina Jolie, or so I’m told.)
- or cage heels, black?
- a black on black combo of black dress, tights and booties?
- or I could leave the black dress idea behind for something more bold, like this:
But I have very fair skin, and red hair, so I’m not sure if yellow will suit me well.

Do you have any other ideas for dress or shoe colours? Dress length/cut? I don’t want to be too revealing, nor covered up. I’m thinking above the knee, but not high on the thigh. Please help me!!

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Wow, that’s a really early Christmas party!

First, here’s the LBD section of I love their site. I don’t necessarily buy all my dresses from them, but there’s enough variety there to give me ideas.

Second, do you know what silhouettes would best flatter your figure/body type? Do you feel you need to camouflage anything or play up a favorite part of yourself?

Third, if you’re fair with red hair, have you considered a deep emerald green? (Who am I kidding, you probably have!) Everyone wears red during the holidays, and you sound like you’d look stunning in a rich green, which would also fit the festive mood.

Though, that Goldfinch dress looks particularly awesome and can easily work with a company Christmas party. There’s no harm in ordering it to see how it looks on you. If it’s not what you’d hoped it would be, just return it — ModCloth is really good with customer service. Or, if you don’t feel like waiting or paying for non-refundable shipping, perhaps you can go to a store and find some other mustardy-gold article of clothing to try on and see if the color suits you. I ended up just Googling images of redheads wearing yellow and got Isla Fisher and Julianne Moore to get an idea of how different shades of red hair would look like with various shades of yellow.

posted over 8 years ago

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