Japan Earthquake Wear Red Wear Hope Relief Fund

Nihon. Japan. The "Land of the Rising Sun".

The red circle on the Japanese flag represents what many Japanese children perceive to be the sun. For us at Chictopia and many others in the wake of the recent crisis, it represents hope.

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan has resulted in over 13,000 family members and loved ones in Japan dead and over 15,000 are still reported as missing.

In this time of crisis, what can we at CHICTOPIA do to help?

We had already been talking about starting a relief fund for the victims of the Japan earthquake/tsunami, but it wasn't until Sam (Chictopia user StyleNomad) and Sybil (TheStyleVoytager) reached out to us that we realized Chictopians can all help in a big way. Not just by praying and talking about the recent events, but by coming together and spreading awareness as a large fashion community. In Sam's own words:

"The fashion community can not only inspire what people wear daily,
but we have a voice that can call other people
into action at a time of crisis and loss."

In response to the massive earthquake in Japan and its devastating outcome, we at Chictopia would like to ask for your help by wearing red and donating $10 to Japan relief funds. By uploading a photo of yourself wearing red, the symbol of Japan, you will not only be showing your support for those devastated by the crisis in Japan but you will also be spreading hope and awareness towards actual change and relief efforts.

The task is simple:

1. Upload a photo of yourself wearing one article of red clothing and tag the "Style" as "Wear Red Wear Hope".
2. Help those in Japan by donating $10 here. All donations will be given to Red Cross Japan earthquake and tsunami relief funds.
3. Help spread the message via Facebook, Twitter, or tell a friend. We are a community not just about clothes and fashion, we make a statement with what we wear.

CHICTOPIA will match up to $1,000 of the community's contribution.
We will give everyone who enters the fundraiser
1 chic point for every $1 we raise.

This online fundraising event will run from April 11 to May 15, 2011.

We just ask that you all please join together for Japan. Wear Red. Wear Hope.

Please donate to the Red Cross Japan earthquake and tsunami fund here.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to track the progress of Wear Red Wear Hope!
For more information on other ways you can help, visit Red Cross.

This contest runs from April 11, 2011 to May 15, 2011 at 11:59 PM PST. See the Official Rules for more details.
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